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What is Odoo? Brochure

What is Odoo?

Odoo offers a range of versatile business apps that work together in real time, perfectly tailored to the needs of every enterprise. 

With this complete suite of business applications, you benefit from widely applicable tools that communicate seamlessly with each other. From CRM to e-commerce, from inventory management to accounting, Odoo integrates all your business processes into one efficient system.

Odoo SA. brochure, 2023

Odoo Reference Book

Odoo Reference Book

Discover the most impressive Odoo references, carefully organized by sector.

Learn how Odoo has been deployed across various industries for optimization and innovation, with concrete examples showing how companies have improved and made their processes more efficient thanks to Odoo.

Odoo SA. brochure, 2023 

Scale-Up! - Business Game

Odoo Scale-Up!
Business Game

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Or wondered what is needed for that? 

With Odoo Scale-Up! You'll learn this and much more, thanks to the 7 different business cases. This unique learning experience offers practical insights and essential knowledge for setting up and managing a successful business, from creating a business plan to understanding the core processes.

Odoo SA. 

Odoo MRP-whitepaper

Odoo MRP White paper

Everything you need to know about Odoo and Material Requirements Planning (MRP). Odoo offers a comprehensive solution for Material Requirements Planning, essential for production and inventory management. This guide takes you through all aspects of MRP within Odoo, from basic principles to advanced features.

Odoo Inc. White paper, 2023

Whitepaper ERP-vergelijking

ERP Comparison

ERP Comparison White Paper: Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite & Odoo. In this white paper, we compare these three ERP systems in terms of functionality, ease of use, adaptability, cost, and support. You will get a clear overview of the strengths and limitations of each system, along with case studies and user experiences. 

Odoo SA. White paper, 2018

Boekhoudkundige vergelijking Witboek Odoo, QuickBooks, Sage & Xero

Accounting Comparison

Accounting Comparison White Paper: Odoo, QuickBooks, Sage & Xero. In this white paper, we compare these four accounting systems on features, ease of use, integration, price, and support. You'll gain insight into the performance of each system in various business settings, ideal for entrepreneurs and financial professionals looking for a suitable accounting solution. 

Odoo SA. White paper, 2022

CRM-vergelijking Zoho, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive & Odoo

CRM Comparison

CRM Comparison: Zoho, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive & Odoo. This white paper provides a concise comparison of five CRM systems, focusing on their features, ease of use, adaptability, and price. 

Ideal for companies looking for a CRM solution that meets their specific needs. 

Odoo SA. brochure, 2016

Whitepaper MRP-vergelijking Microsoft Dynamics AX, NetSuite, Odoo en SAP Business One

MRP Comparison

White Paper MRP Comparison: Microsoft Dynamics AX, NetSuite, Odoo, and SAP Business One. This comprehensive white paper provides an in-depth comparison of four major MRP systems: Microsoft Dynamics AX, NetSuite, Odoo, and SAP Business One. The document covers their functionalities, adaptability, user-friendliness, costs, and customer service. 

Odoo SA. White paper, 2016