Odoo Demo Video's

There is a handy video for every Odoo App that gives you a
short and concise overview of all the possibilities.



 Meet Odoo 16

Odoo 16 is gereed. Belijk alle nieuee mogelijkheden van Odoo 16.



De nieuwe Odoo Kennis App, toegevoegd aan Odoo 16!


Autogenerated Websites

Autogenerated websites with the best open-source website builder - Odoo Website


 Inventory in Odoo 15

Manage your warehouse with Odoo 15 and tips for optimizing your warehouse operations.


 A typical day at Odoo

A video of a typical day at Odoo and how Odoo 15 supports the Odoo employees.


Ontdek Odoo 14 Meet Odoo 14

Check out the possibilities of the latest Odoo version, Odoo 14.



Your website is your most important marketing resource that you have. With Odoo you can integrate this with all your other business processes.



No difficult integrations, but an Odoo webshop, of course linked to your stock.



Ultimately, everything becomes a financial entry. With Odoo you have everything you need and you fully comply with international standards.



Easily create quotes and have them signed by your customer online. If the customer agrees, the order is immediately forwarded to your warehouse.



You manage all your stock, wherever it is, in Odoo. Multiple warehouses and locations and of course you can scan everything.


 Manufacturing (MRP)

Produce your products in Odoo based on parts lists or a one-off production. Automatically control production and measure production times for a correct cost price calculation.



Divide your projects into tasks and phases. Launch your projects directly from sales orders, record the time worked and invoice your customer. Collaborate easily. Very handy, smart and fast.



Track your leads and opportunities in your own sales pipeline. Create and monitor activities. You email your contacts directly from Odoo and really keep a grip on all your opportunities. No opportunity is lost with Odoo.


 Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing processes by creating automatic follow-up actions. lead nurturing, the next level. With Odoo, no sales opportunity is forgotten.


 HR, Recruitment

Your employees are your most important assets of your company. Retaining them, but also recruiting new colleagues, is done with the handy tools from Odoo.


 Email Marketing

Do you still export all e-mail addresses to another tool? And then you process all opt-outs again? Do it with Odoo, all in 1 software.



Customer service through a modern ticketing system. Via email or webform, customers can ask for your help and provide real service.



Customize Odoo the way you want, without the need for a developer. New fields, other screens and different layouts.


 Documents (DMS)

Store all your documents centrally in the Odoo Document Management System. Create workflows and receive and process documents digitally.



Organize, plan your events online. Any type of event is possible. Free events or sell your tickets online



Rent out your products through Odoo. Determine your price per period and create pick-up and return operations.



A complete open source e-learning system, with online courses, training and certifications.


 Point of Sale (POS)

Sell in your store with the Odoo checkout. Connect your scanner, drawer and receipt printer with the Odoo iot box and you are ready for the first customer


Odoo Spreadsheet Spreadsheet

You no longer need a Bi-Tool. With Odoo you have integrated your own Excel spreadsheets. Combine data into perfect reports


 Field Service

For every job on the road, use Odoo field service. Register your used material and time. Have your work order signed and on to the next customer.



The platform for automating reviews, satisfaction surveys, marketing campaign, feedback forms, and much more.


 Social Marketing

Manage social media, push notifications and Live Chat all from Odoo. Which ERP system offers these possibilities? Completely in line with the vision "Make it easy for users", Odoo Social Marketing



Looking for new staff? Use the power of 'Referrals' Colleagues recommend vacancies to their circle of friends and thus earn something extra in a fun way.