We are the Odoo Experts!

Founded byErwin van der Ploegin 2012, Odoo Experts has positioned itself as the largest Odoo partner in the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean and ranks among the top partners worldwide. Our success is largely due to our expertise in implementing Odoo where we help companies simplify and optimize complex processes. We take pride in our practical and direct approach; we respond quickly, shy away from no challenge, and deliver solutions that truly work.

Every day, we support companies in the implementation and daily use of Odoo, the automation software for business processes. This software is an all-in-one solution that makes unnecessarily complicated software packages obsolete. Whether you are struggling with complex business processes or looking for efficiency and speed; our knowledge and experience ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Are you curious how Odoo can transform your business? We invite you to try the Odoo demo. This demo will give you a clear picture of what Odoo can mean for your business operations. We work closely with you to determine how we can best support you and your business, offer thoughtful advice, and listen to your specific wishes.

At Odoo Experts, we like to keep things simple and clear. Why make things difficult when they can be easy? Contact us and discover how our expertise in Odoo can help your business grow and flourish.

Onze Odoo Experts

Odoo Experts Erwin van der Ploeg

Erwin van der Ploeg

Managing Director

I am responsible for the strategy and further development of Odoo Experts. Additionally, I take on the responsibility for sales, continuing to position our company as the leading Odoo partner in the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean.

'Make it simple' is my motto. You can always make things complicated ;).

Odoo Experts Mark Scheffel

Mark Scheffel

Technical Director

If the customer can think of it, we can make it, but will that deliver the best result? Together we come up with solutions that are faster, more efficient, better and cheaper and that makes us all happy.

Odoo Experts Bastiaan de Keijzer

Bastiaan de Keijzer

Senior Odoo Consultant

I like the challenge of mastering a business process in a relatively short period of time and having Odoo match it. I am convinced that a process can only be optimized if you know the process well.

Odoo Experts Wilfried Sip

Wilfried Sip

Support Consultant

There is nothing more beautiful than puzzling for the solution and then achieving the expected result. The harder it gets, the more challenge there is. Implementing and maintaining Odoo is the most fun there is.

Odoo Experts Michael van Klaarbergen

Michael van Klaarbergen

Odoo Consultant

From processing thousand orders a day to producing mini-soap bars . It's fascinating to see how all those different companies work and how they once started their business. Extra fun is that we built relations with our customers and work together to keep automating their processes. This in combination with the endless possibilities of Odoo makes this job awesome.

Odoo Experts Pascal van der Starre

Pascal van der Starre

Odoo Consultant

Coming up with solutions and optimizing business processes for our customers using Odoo gives me a lot of energy. Through thorough analysis and efficient implementation, we strive together for optimal results and success.

My motto; Don't make things more difficult than they are.

Odoo Experts Ricky Paal

Ricky paal

Odoo Consultant

In collaboration with our customers, I strive to achieve optimal results. Building and nurturing strong relationships is central to this. As an Odoo consultant, I not only support projects, but also support questions. Our expertise is comprehensive. Trust that I will think along with you at all times and find the most suitable method to implement Odoo within your organization.

Odoo Experts Sander Spil

Sander Spil

Odoo Consultant

The sum of experiences from my career enables me to understand the needs of departments and individuals within various organizations. As a consultant at Odoo Experts, I apply my skills across a wide range of industries and business processes, where I am the reliable partner during the implementation of Odoo.

Odoo Experts Selinde Vrolijk

Selinde Vrolijk


For me, the challenge lies in maintaining an optimal relationship with both our existing and our new customers.

If the customer is satisfied, so are we!

Marjolein Poland


Together with my colleagues, I ensure that your projects go according to plan. We will communicate honestly and clearly and will not lose sight of the set deadlines.

Odoo Experts Bonnie van de Schraaf

Bonnie van de Schraaf

HR Consultant
Odoo Expert Susan van der Ploeg

Susan van der Ploeg

Office Manager

I am Susan and I am the centipede within this company. I make sure that everyone can work optimally.

It is a challenge for me to get the best out of our team.