Efficient Business Management with Odoo 17

An in-depth exploration

Odoo 17 is around the corner as the latest upcoming version of Odoo, one of the world's largest open-source Enterprise ERP systems. With Odoo Experience 2023 in sight, between November 8 and 10, 2023, we can expect Odoo CEO Fabien Pinckaers to make major announcements.

With this in mind, we expect Odoo 17 to be available on November 8, 2023, with Odoo Experience playing a key role in this process.

Although changes can sometimes seem drastic, Odoo appears to be well-structured and focused on new features aimed at increasing relevance when it comes to time savings, efficiency, and productivity for users within your organization.

As in previous years, Odoo 17 gives the feeling of a crucial moment, with Odoo growing even further. Improved performance, accessibility, data analytics and management bring Odoo even deeper into the broader markets.

In this blog, we highlight the highlights. In addition to these new options, many more improvements have been made, which you can find in the official release notes of Odoo 17.

Odoo 17 - New interface

Odoo comes with a major redesign that brings significant improvements in both usability and visual appeal. Code-named 'Milk', this project's main goal is to enhance the overall user experience and provide a visually appealing interface that promotes intuitive interaction.

Standard view Odoo 17Standard view Odoo 17

Dark mode display Odoo 17Dark mode display Odoo 17

Not only is it a radically new design, but many improvements have been made to further increase the ease of use.

Renewed portal

Not only the backend interface has been completely changed. Odoo 17 also has a whole new portal.

Odoo 17 portal

New portal layout

Change App Order

You can now arrange the Odoo App Icons in the order you want

Search, filter, and group as you want

With Odoo 17, search views are getting a refresh as the location has been moved to the center of the device's screen. Additionally, additional functionality has been added, making it much easier to combine specific terms such as 'Filter', 'Group by' and 'Favorites', all rolled into one handy 'Search' tab. The goal is to make search more accessible and convenient for users.

Adding goods to the sales order is now also possible from the catalog. Here we are talking about Kanban. Thanks to the updated catalog view, you can choose goods, edit the exact quantity and even adjust sales orders in real time.

Odoo Search

New search, filter, and grouping options

Top row of screen now pinned

The top row in both List and Kanban views now remains frozen as you scroll down.

Web Push-notifications

Support for browser-based Web Push notifications.  A big step towards consistency in user experience across different operating systems.

How long is something in a phase?

Track how long a document spent in each stage of the progress bar.

Odoo Stages with duration

Odoo Phases with duration

Translate the chatter messages

Users can add their Google Cloud Translation API Key to the settings to enable the translation feature for chatter messages.

AI comes to Odoo!

You can now request sample or alternative texts from Odoo by using the AI function.

Odoo AI Function

Odoo AI Function

Manage your email templates

Users can now manage their own templates. Previously, all email templates were shared, which made for a cluttered user interface. With the new update, every user has the ability to create, edit and save personal templates. These templates are accessed through the mail composer wizard, where users can only see and use their own templates, as well as templates that don't belong to anyone.

New Apps in Odoo 17

Odoo Reserve spaces

Time is an indispensable currency in business, and the way organizations manage their meeting rooms can be a determining factor in their day-to-day success. The launch of the 'Room Management' module in Odoo 17 marks a new era for efficient space management, allowing companies to manage their meeting rooms with a level of ease and precision that was previously unattainable. Read the blog Book your meeting rooms now with Odoo 17

Odoo To-Do List

Odoo 17 has a To-Do List App. It really is a game changer for your daily workflow. Those paper to-do lists can go in the trash because with this app, you can organize all your tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

This app isn't just a place to write down your tasks; it's a powerful tool that helps you set priorities, keep track of deadlines, and track project progress. Everything you need, neatly presented in a clear interface.

Odoo To-Do List

Odoo To-Do List

Odoo WhatsApp integration

Odoo 17 has introduced an exciting new feature: the integration of WhatsApp as a messaging tool. Given the wide use of WhatsApp in many countries and businesses, this integration is an essential step to keep up with current communication methods.

Also read the more detailed blog: Odoo introduces an integration with WhatsApp

Odoo visitor registration system

Discover the future of hospitality with Odoo's visitor registration system.

In today's fast-paced business world, managing visitor flows in your organization with Odoo 17's 'Front desk' module can make a world of difference. This system not only provides a seamless check-in experience, complete with digital logs and real-time updates, but also enriches the guest experience with a personal touch. From QR code check-ins to pre-registered 'Quick Sign-Ins', Odoo's visitor registration system is here to take your visitor management to a new level of professionalism and efficiency.

Also read the more detailed blog: How a Visitor Registration System Can Transform the Guest Experience.

Odoo restaurant

Dive into the world of modern hospitality technology with the latest restaurant functionalities from Odoo 17. From efficient order management and tracking to innovative combo menus and instant online table reservations, Odoo revolutionizes your restaurant management. Read the blog Explore the new restaurant features in Odoo 17 for detailed information.

Odoo Shop Floor Control 

Step into the future of manufacturing management with Odoo 17's brand new Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Discover a new level of efficiency and precision on the production floor with a system designed to simplify the complexities of modern manufacturing processes. From seamless integration to smarter tracking, discover how MES is changing the game and transforming your production capabilities. Are you ready to unlock the power of advanced manufacturing automation?

Read on to see what Odoo 17 has in store for you? Our blog about this improvement will follow soon

Odoo 17 - General improvements

The launch of Odoo 17 brings a range of innovations and improvements that take the user experience and functional capacity to the next level. Here are some highlights of the overall improvements.

Multi company - emailing with your own domain

If you work with multiple companies in 1 database (so-called Multi Company), emailing is limited to one domain. Each company had to operate under the same brand name and use the same email domain. In Odoo 17 this has (finally) been released, and you can create your own email domain and email settings per company.

Odoo 17 email domain per company

Odoo 17 email domain per company

Use of properties

The use of properties has been further expanded. You can now group the characteristics and, for example, also add them to lot/serial numbers.

Odoo - Use of properties

Use of properties

Odoo Appointments App Icon Odoo 17 – Appointments

With every new version of Odoo comes exciting improvements and features, and version 17 is no exception, especially when it comes to the Appointments app. This powerful piece of software has been given a makeover that makes scheduling and managing appointments a lot more versatile.

A notable new feature is the ability to request advance payments. This provides greater certainty and streamlines the financial process for services that require prepayment. It's a simple, yet effective way to reduce no-shows and improve cash flow.

The flexibility of Odoo 17 is further emphasized by the expansion of the types of appointments you can schedule. You are no longer limited to personal appointments; now you can also book resources, such as a tennis court or a dentist's chair. This opens up a world of possibilities for all kinds of businesses, from sports facilities to health clinics.

But the appointment app is also further integrated with the Restaurant POS. Automatically assign tables to customers based on capacity.

     Modern business naturally also includes the possibility of meeting online. In Odoo 17 you can add Google Meet links to your invitations. Although there is no support for Microsoft Teams yet, this is a big step forward for companies that rely on Google's infrastructure.

    Another element worth mentioning is the new Manage Capacity feature. This addition is particularly useful for managing the maximum number of participants for events or appointments. Whether you organize a yoga class, a workshop, or a business seminar, you can easily keep an eye on the number of registrations and ensure that you do not get overbooked.

    These improvements to Odoo 17's Appointments app are more than just incremental updates; they are transforming how companies manage their time and resources. It's a clear signal that Odoo continues to adapt to the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.

    Odoo Appointments App website

    Odoo Knowledge App IconOdoo 17 – Knowledge App

    In Odoo 17, the knowledge app has been expanded with smart new features that help you manage and share knowledge more efficiently than ever.

    New management features: With one-click actions, you can now restore items or send them to the trash, making organizing your content a breeze.

    Interactive content: Add videos to your articles for a richer learning experience and keep users engaged without them having to leave your platform.

    Ease of use for users: Portal users now have the power to edit content and create private articles, making knowledge sharing more democratic.

    Improved organization: A Kanban board with stages helps you structure and prioritize items.

    Custom Visibility: Choose who sees what with general or limited visibility settings, keeping your database organized.

    Templates & History: Enrich your library with practical templates and easily track revisions with the new article history feature.

    Odoo CRM App Icon Odoo 17 - CRM App

    When managing your leads within Odoo's CRM, it is essential to be able to quickly and effectively see the status of scheduled meetings. With its latest update, Odoo has made a subtle but impactful change that will transform the way you see your meetings.

    Display meetings

    Instead of a counter that shows how many meetings are linked to a lead, you now get immediately visible information:

    • For an upcoming meeting: The start date is displayed with the text "Next meeting" next to it.
    • If the meeting has already taken place: You will see the date of the last meeting with "Last meeting".
    • No meeting planned? Then no date is visible, and it simply says, "No meeting".
    • For new leads: The button is hidden until a meeting has actually been scheduled.

    Odoo Sales App IconOdoo - Sales App

    Send standard documents

    Easily sharing product documents with customers is now possible. Link your documents to your product and determine when you want to send them. This includes assembly instructions, Certifications, Nutrition Labels, Size/Fit Guides, Specifications, References, Test Results, User Manuals and much more.

    Odoo 17 link documents to product

    Odoo 17 link documents to product

    New quotation format

    In Odoo Sales, the PDF Quote Generator provides the ability to send customers a fully personalized PDF quote that not only shows price and total, but highlights the company and products in a visually appealing way, with various informational and design elements.

    The tool combines headers and footers, product descriptions and price information into a comprehensive quotation. There is also the option to add dynamic texts so that the quotation is specially tailored to the customer.

    A custom PDF increases the closure of the buying process for customers and adds an elegant level of professionalism to a company's image.

    See the official quotation layout documentation

    Adding a discount to a sales order

    Odoo 17 introduces a new feature for sales orders: a handy wizard that offers users the choice of three different discount options:

    • A proportional discount applied to individual sales order lines
    • An overall discount on the total amount of the sales order
    • A fixed discount amount for the entire order

    Discount sales orders

    Discount sales orders

    Order via catalog

    Before this update, adding products to a sales order was a time-consuming process that required adding each product individually, followed by repeatedly clicking 'Add Product'. This quickly became cumbersome for large sales orders.

    After this update, the new 'Add from Catalog' action makes it possible to add multiple products from the catalog to the sales order at once. This greatly simplifies sales order management.

    Odoo - Sales order, order via catalog

    Odoo - Order via catalog

    Order via catalog

    Sales order prepayment

    You can now enter a prepayment percentage that the customer must first pay before the customer can confirm the online quote.

    Odoo Sales Order Prepayment

    Odoo Sales Order Prepayment

    Chatter at price lists

    A chatter has now been added to the price lists so that you can communicate with colleagues about the price list, record information and build up history.

    Chatter at price lists

    Chatter at price lists

    Odoo Purchase App Icon Odoo - Purchase App

    Discount management

    Odoo has improved the purchasing process with the introduction of discount management for supplier price lists and purchase order lines. Here are the improvements:

    • Odoo has added discount fields to both the supplier price list and purchase order lines. These fields are optional and remain hidden by default to keep the interface clear.
    • The discount field on a purchase order line is automatically populated when the corresponding unit price comes from the supplier's price list. Negotiated discounts are processed directly in the purchase order.
    • The calculation logic has been adjusted to apply discounts to the price excluding VAT, which ensures a more accurate cost calculation.
    • When confirming the purchase order, Odoo checks whether a price list already exists for the supplier. If it does not exist, a new one will be created automatically, including the discount.

    Order via catalog

    In accordance with the sales app, you can now also order via the catalog for purchase orders.

    Odoo Inventory App IconOdoo 17 - Inventory App

    Barcode App

    Odoo Inventory Barcode App

    Odoo warehouse barcode app

    • The option to manually enter a barcode has been added.
    • A sound is played if a barcode is not recognized or is incorrect. The screen will flash once a barcode has been correctly identified.
    • Scanning production orders has been added.
    • The product image has been added to the scanning screen.
    • Immediately create a repair order from a return to the warehouse.

    New picking strategy

    Introduce a new strategy for collecting products: "Least Packaging". The aim of this strategy is to remove specific quantities of products from stock with as little packaging as possible, to enable efficient logistics operations and avoid unnecessary opening/unpacking of packaging.

    The strategy works as follows:

    • If a negative quantity is requested, this strategy will behave like a FIFO (First In, First Out) strategy.
    • In other cases, the strategy will determine a combination that achieves the requested quantity with the fewest number of packages, and will adjust the search domain to select only the quantities in these specific packages. This way, no packages need to be opened.
    • If it is not possible to find an exact match of packages for the requested quantity, the largest packages will be selected one by one until the requested quantity is reached or until no more quantities are available. This approach requires one package to be opened because it is not completely used. The final package chosen to open will be the smallest possible, giving preference to opening smaller packages over larger ones.
    • Individual items (not associated with a package) are considered single-item packages for package selection purposes.

    Note: In order for the selection strategy to "clean out" certain packs that have previously been opened, it is recommended that these packs be unpacked into individual items, as they will then be used to replenish requested quantities on subsequent collections.

    Automatically print documents and labels

    Odoo has introduced a new functionality that gives users the option to have specific documents printed automatically at different times within the logistics process. 

    In addition, the product label templates are split into separate reports to facilitate user customization, for example with Odoo Studio. This offers more flexibility and customization options for handling documents and labels within the operational process.

    By default, Odoo opens a PDF preview. If you want to print directly, install the IoT app on a computer that is on the same local network as the barcode app and configure the routing of the reports.

    Automatically print documents and labels

    Automatically print documents and labels

    Link routes to shipping methods

    Odoo has many options for creating replenishment routes and logistics routes. Now you can also make these routes dependent on the shipping method and carrier.

    Odoo Documents App Icon Odoo 17 - Documents App

    In Odoo 17, improvements have been made to the document's app, which now allows you to manage all fleet documents in one central place. Additionally, the app now offers the option to configure the retention period of deleted documents in the recycle bin.

    Odoo Ecommerce App Icon Odoo 17 - Ecommerce App

    linked to the product can now optionally also be displayed on the product page of your webshop.

    Add labels to product page

    Add labels to product page

    A new variant option has been added, allowing you to select multiple options at the same time.

    Multiple selection for variants

    Multiple selections for variants

    Odoo Point of Sale App Icon Odoo 17 - Point of Sale App

    Odoo Self-service screen

    Odoo Self-service screen

    Odoo 17 introduces several new POS system (POS) features that improve user-friendliness and flexibility:

    1. Self-service ordering:
      • Enables customers to place their orders via large touchscreen totems without the intervention of a waiter.
      • Payments can be made via Adyen or at the counter.
      • At the end of the order, users will receive an order number and, if applicable, their table number.
    2. Multi-Checkbox feature type for additional options:
      • A new attribute type introduced for additional options for products that can be selected via checkboxes.
      • Each selected option adds an additional price to the product and appears on receipts and invoices.
    3. Improvements in combination products:
      • Products linked to combos are now available by default in POS.
      • Products associated with combos cannot be disabled in the POS.
      • Backend logic and back-office views have been added for creating product combos.
    4. WhatsApp Integration:
      • Possibility to send vouchers via WhatsApp.
    5. Print receipt for payment:
      • Option to print a receipt before payment is completed.

    Odoo Accounting App IconOdoo 17 - Accounting App

    Discount is booked separately

    Odoo has now introduced the ability for users to set default accounts for allocating discounts. When these accounts are specified, discounts on customer invoices and supplier invoices will be assigned to the specified account instead of the product account.

    For example, when creating a booking for a product with the following properties:

    - Quantity: 1
    - Unit Price: 100
    - Discount: 5%

    The following entry is made:

    Without a set-up discount allocation account:

    Account                                          ​Debit     Credit

    Income​ ​​0        ​95

    Receivable ​95        ​0

    With a set account for discounts assignment to "Discounts Provided":

    Account                                          ​Debit     Credit

    Income          ​         0 ​95

    Discounts provided             ​      ​5 ​0

    Receivable ​95 ​0

    Branches management

    Branches management provides the ability to share data between parent and subsidiary companies, including:

    • Accounts
    • Taxes
    • Fiscal positions
    • Products
    • …and some related models

    This data can be read and used by the subsidiaries.

    This makes it possible to:

    • Different brands to use for different business activities.
    • Apply more complex security rules.
    • Consolidate branches in various ways.
    • Manage different tax reports with different tax rules in the same country.

    Delivery date on invoice

    The delivery date of an order is now displayed on the invoice and on the printout of the invoice.

    Delivery date on invoice

    Delivery date on invoice

    Odoo E-sign App IconOdoo 17 - E-sign App

    Link multiple signature requests in Odoo Sign. Increase the chance to collect all outstanding signatures faster.

    Keep control of documents waiting for your signature with the new reminder feature.

    Odoo Productie App Icon Odoo 17 - Manufacturing App

    Odoo has added a new 'Production Cost' account that can be assigned to locations with the 'Production' type. When products move in or out of a production location, the accounting entry is now placed on this new account instead of the previous 'Stock In/Out' account.

    Production cost account

    Production cost account

    3 new options have been added to a production order, these are:

    • Splitting a production order.
    • Planning production orders based on component availability. When each component line of a production order has an expected delivery date, the start date of the production order will be set to the latest expected date from these predictions.
    • Create an Engineering Change Order (ECO) from the production order BOM.

    Odoo 17 new options production order

    New production order options

    Odoo Subscription App Icon Odoo 17 - Subscriptions App

    Odoo Subscriptions now supports regular delivery and billing of tangible products. For example, managing monthly beauty boxes or quarterly fresh fruit subscriptions is now easier than ever.

    Odoo Employees App Icon Odoo 17 - Employees App

    Work location

    Indicate your work location in your calendar and set up a physical space or a virtual space depending on your colleagues' work-from-home schedule.

    Odoo work location in Odoo agenda

    Odoo work location in Odoo agenda

    Organization chart

    A dynamic organizational chart is now available.

    Organization chart

    Organization chart

    Odoo Spreadsheets App Icon Odoo 17 - Spreadsheets App

    You can now share your dashboard. Odoo then creates a frozen, uneditable version.

    Odoo Share Spreadsheets

    Odoo Projects App IconOdoo 17 - Projects App

    Projects without company restrictions

    You can now create projects without specifically assigning them to a company, meaning the project is no longer limited to users with access to the project's company. It is possible to create specific phases per company. This was previously not possible because all phases were shared between all companies. This adjustment personalizes project management per company.

    New planning view

    Odoo 17 introduces a new planning view within the project module. Users can now choose whether to assign their schedule to a project or a task, providing more flexibility in managing workflow.

    Automatic portal user creation when sharing projects

    When a project is shared with a customer who does not yet have a user account, a portal user is now automatically created, even if website access is set to 'invite only'. This gives customers direct access to the project via the link they receive, with the option to create a user account.

    Support project functions in non-project tasks

    Tasks without an umbrella project can now take advantage of all project features. This provides more flexibility in how subtasks are managed and displayed so that they do not appear on the same level as their parental tasks, but are only accessible through the parental task.

    Create new records from the sales order view

    Users can now easily create new tickets, timesheets and other records from the sales order view without leaving the application or manually linking new records to the sales order.

    Odoo Rental App Icon Odoo 17 - Rental App

    Odoo 17 sets a new standard for the rental segment with enhancements that further modernize rental product management. One of the most remarkable adjustments is the introduction of rental via warehouse.

    Advanced rental logistics

    With 'Stock Rental' you can now deliver and return your rental products through a multi-step process, including delivery and return transfers. This improvement makes the logistics behind rental both flexible and traceable, giving you complete control from start to finish.

    Smooth transfers

    This new feature allows rental companies to optimize their delivery and returns processes by utilizing streamlined transfers. This ensures smooth, error-free movement of rental items to and from customers, improving the overall customer experience.

    Odoo Reparatie App IconOdoo 17 - Repair App

    Odoo 17 introduces major improvements to the Repair app that simplify and expand the management of repair processes. Here's an overview of the refinements:

    Separate repair and sales/invoicing 

    There is now a clear separation between repair activities and sales/invoicing processes. This provides more overview and better control over various business activities.

    Link between sales orders and repair orders

    You can now link a sales order to multiple repair orders. This ensures seamless integration between the sales and aftercare phases.

    New 'Repairs' operation type

    A new operation type 'Repairs' has been added to warehouses, improving the management of repair work within inventory logistics.

    Decomposing kits in repair

    When a repair order contains kit products (products with kit BOMs), they are now decomposed into components. This means that when you purchase a kit product, it will be broken down into its parts during the picking process. In the barcode operation, a new line is displayed with the BOM information when the product comes from a kit.

    Repairs from return warehouse

    Repairs can now be managed directly from the returns warehouse, simplifying the process from returns to repair.

    Recycle option for repair components

    There is now the option to recycle repair components, contributing to sustainability and cost savings within the repair process.

    Repairs directly from sales order

    It is now possible to initiate repair orders directly from sales orders, which ensures an efficient link between sales and the aftercare process.

    Odoo Website App Icon Odoo 17 - Website App

    Odoo 17 enriches the web design arsenal with exciting new features, giving users a more powerful and flexible tool set to manage and improve their online presence. Let's explore some of the most impressive upgrades.

    Mobile responsiveness and design

    • Background Shapes Optimization: Now control how background shapes appear on mobile devices, so your design looks perfect on the go.
    • Customizable Grid Layout: Define the space between elements with the new grid layout options, and enjoy the new editor handles and design matching.
    • Responsive Columns: Specifically choose the number of items per row on mobile devices for increased site responsiveness.

    User Experience and Interactivity

    • Enhanced Banner Blocks: Easily upgrade banners with improved building blocks.
    • New hover effects: Bring your images to life with new hover effects that make your website dynamic.
    • Instagram feed: Integrate your Instagram feed directly on your website for more engagement.
    • Button Labels: Now edit button labels effortlessly from the right panel.

    Efficiency and functionality

    • Multiple file uploads: Allow visitors to upload multiple files at once when filling out forms on the website.
    • Drag-and-drop images: Drag-and-drop images are saved as attachments and can be used later in the editor.
    • New header and page templates: Choose from a wide range of new templates, including some focused on e-commerce.

    Visual adjustments

    • Text highlights: Add eye-catching highlights to your website headings, such as hand-drawn circles or waves.
    • Theme Color Palette: Personalize the colors of your website with new theme options.
    • Shapes on Images: Frame your images with new shapes for an extra aesthetic touch.

    Innovation and integration

    • WebP Image Support: Speed up your website by using the WebP format for images.
    • Website configurator with ChatGPT: Generate relevant text for your company when creating a new website using ChatGPT.

    Odoo Studio App IconOdoo 17 - Studio App

    Odoo 17 Studio brings powerful business customization and automation tools that will redefine the way you configure your workflows and user experiences.

    Refined approval flows

    Configure complex, multi-layered approval processes with granular control. Odoo 17 allows you to automatically notify users when their approval is needed.

    Improved Interface adjustments

    The visibility of buttons can now be controlled in fine detail. Make each action button permanently visible, or conditionally hide it in your form views.

    Intelligent currency field configuration

    When you add monetary fields with Studio, the system now automatically identifies and uses the default currency fields in the model. With the updated view editor, you can easily select the desired currency field to use.

    Number formatting as desired

    Enable or disable number formatting with Studio. This is useful, for example, to display a year in an integer field without thousands separators.

    Renewed report editor

    Experience a more intuitive way to edit PDF reports with the new report editor. Add static or dynamic content to your PDF reports using simple / commands.

    Improved automated actions

    Odoo 17 brings an exciting evolution in workflow automation with significant improvements to automated actions. These latest updates aim to increase user-friendliness and make advanced features more accessible to all users. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, the refined interface and smart new triggers allow you to automate workflows with precision and ease. Let's see how these improvements can streamline and personalize your daily tasks in Odoo.

    1. Easy access via the Kanban menu: A menu option has been added to the Kanban header settings, allowing users to easily add or edit automated actions.
    2. Custom Kanban view: A new Kanban view has been created that clearly shows each automated action and the associated actions.
    3. "Smart" triggers: Depending on the model chosen, specific triggers will appear in the form:
      • Updated category values: such as "Stage set to" for stage_id fields, or "Status set to" for state fields, where users can select a specific value. There are also triggers such as "Priority set to", "User set" or "Tag added".
      • Time-based conditions: such as "After creation" or "After last update".
      Additionally, the previously known "On Create" and "On Update" triggers are deprecated in favor of "On Save" for a simplified user experience.
    4. Direct multiple actions: You can now immediately have multiple actions follow each other.
    Efficient Business Management with Odoo 17
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