Odoo References

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Top Vision Instore logo - Top Vision is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Top Vision Instore

Top Vision Group is specialized in the development and manufacture of presentation materials for the optical retail sector. Customers range from local opticians to international retail groups, department stores and sunglasses suppliers.

More Than Gifts logo - More than Gifts is a reference of Odoo Experts.

More Than Gifts

More Than Gifts supplies Christmas packages, promotional gifts, choice concept and organizes Christmas markets.

3devo - 3devo is a reference of Odoo Experts.


3devo specializes in creating innovative tools that save money and reduce waste by offering recycle solutions for 3D printers.

IDbike logo - IDbike is a reference of Odoo Experts.


IDbike is a company that specializes in the development of bicycle parts and can help bicycle manufacturers keep up to date with the rapid changes in their industry.

Eilers logo - Eilers is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

EILERS international

EILERS specializes in print production, publishing, distribution and the production of promotional items such as calendars, diaries and notebooks. EILERS is part of Prilution Group from Germany.

Smoke4fun - Smoke4fun is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Smoke4Fun imports, distributes and sells a wide range of e-liquid lines which are distributed by S4F in the Netherlands and Belgium. They deliver to convenience shops, web shops, vape shops and wholesalers.

Youp Telecom - Youp Telecom is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Youp Telecom

YouP telecom is een  telecom-bedrijf op het gebied van telecommunicatie met kennis en ervaring in klassieke telefonie en complexe netwerken zoals managed voice en voice over internet protocol.

Cloud Connect logo - Cloud Connect is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect supplies White Labeled Hosted telephony and wireless networks for voice, image and data.

Janus Metaal logo - Janus Metaal is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Janus Metaal

Janus Metaal B.V. is a metalworking family business with a focus on displays, shop interiors and metal semi-finished products. In the production hall in Tilburg, they design, engineer and produce the most diverse 'custom' displays.

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Barista Tecnology logo - Barista is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Barista Technology

Barista Technology develops innovative products that improve the quality of coffee. The company was founded by students from Delft University of Technology. They use their background in engineering to improve coffee quality.

Sonneclaer IJs - Sonneclaer is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Sonneclaer ijs

At Sonneclaer they make ice cream in the traditional way on the farm. At Sonneclaer they use Odoo for CRM, sales via the webshop and in the production of the ice cream.

JamiePro logo - JamiePro is a reference of Odoo Experts.


JamiePro is an importer of electronics, specializing in digital LCD screens, which are available for example an instructional video to support a product or Touchscreen applications to provide the customer with product information to support them in their product selection.

Focus Beverage logo - Focus is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Focus Beverage

Focus Beverage Company is a full-service project management and product development company for the international alcoholic beverage industries.

Wartmann logo - Wartmann is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Wartmann is a Dutch brand that focuses on high-quality products for the kitchen. The range includes pans with a ceramic coating, professional kitchen knives, various accessories and various electric kitchen machines.

Floorwindo logo - Floorwindo is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Floorwindo designs, develops and sells floor and counter displays for in shops.

A.T.P. Engineering logo - A.T.P. is a reference of Odoo Experts.

ATP Engineering

ATP designs and supplies high-quality dissolvers, mixers, mills and complete filling lines for the paint, coating, glue, plastic and chemical industry.

Studio Dirk van der Kooij logo - Dirk van der Kooij is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Studio Dirk van der Kooij

Dirk Vander Kooij is a Dutch designer from Amsterdam, who makes furniture, chairs, tables and lighting by pressing and heating and 3D printing.

Brouwerij De Moersleutel logo - De Moersleutel is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Brouwerij De Moersleutel

De Moers Sleutel Brewery is a family business. Well-known beers from De Moers Sleutel, beer engineers are the Ofjecitrahoplust (IPA), Motorolie and Willy Tonka.

AMS Group logo - AMS is a reference of Odoo Experts.

AMS Group

Assembling Manufacturing & Sourcing Group specializes in plastic injection molded parts and the assembly of mechanical / electronic products incorporating all production techniques.

Zlippo logo - Zlippo is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Zlippo supplies a therapeutic slipper, sandal, slipper or slipper manufactured by a podiatrist or podiatrist and consists of an individual footbed and a leather upper.

CCIC Europe Food Test logo - CCIC is a reference of Odoo Experts.


CCIC is a powder milk testing laboratory mainly targeting the Chinese market.

Enzo Systems logo - Enzo is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Enzo Systems

Enzosystems develops total solutions (hardware and software) for self-service payment and ticket issuing systems.

Van der Pol logo -Van der Pol is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Van der Pol

Van der Pol tiles and building materials supplies building materials and tiles to both companies and private individuals from their showroom in Amsterdam.

Van der Waay logo - Van der Waay is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Van der Waay

Van der Waay supplies greenhouse roof cleaners, both for cleaning inside and outside the greenhouse, chalk machines and other machines.

Ecommerce Foundation logo - Ecommerce is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Ecommerce Operations

Ecommerce operations facilitates the development of practical knowledge, market insights and services for which individual institutions, retail and e-commerce organizations and B2C selling companies do not have the (financial) resources and / or possibilities.

Yourpos Afrekensystemen logo - Yourpos is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Yourpos Afrekensystemen

Yourpos specializes in catering cash register and payment systems.

Emesa logo - Emesa is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Emesa is an international e-commerce player in the leisure, retail and travel sector. Emesa has e-commerce brands such as VakantieVeilingen, ActievandeDag and the international brand VavaBid.

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Masta Aanhangwagens logo - Masta is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Masta Aanhangwagens

Masta Aanhangwagens is een bedrijf dat aanhangwagens bouwt, verkoopt, verhuurt en onderhoud doet in een eigen werkplaats in combinatie met een webshop. 

Bike Butler logo - Bike Butler is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Bike Butler

Bike Butler is a wholesaler specialized in bicycle parts and bicycle accessories.

LanTel logo - LanTel is a reference of Odoo Experts.


LanTel ensures that organizations can make calls and are optimally accessible for their relations. They offer a total solution for business telecommunication.

Kabisa logo - Kabisa is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Kabisa develops and manages business-critical web applications, both for desktop and mobile.

Verhaert New Products & Services logo - Verhaert is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Verhaert New Products & Services

Verhaert Masters in Innovation helpt bedrijven met het ontwikkelen van innovatieve producten.

Rijs Solutions logo - Rijs is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Rijs Solutions

Rijs Solutions levert hardware en software, kabels en supplies, installeert én repareert apparaten, legt netwerken aan en biedt zowel cloud- als een server op locatie als oplossingen aan.

Mulder-Hardenberg logo - Mulder-Hardenberg is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Mulder-Hardenberg is a distributor of electronic, electrical and network products.

Z-Company logo - Z-Compagny is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Z-Company is the one-stop-shop wholesale partner for natural, vegetable and healthy food ingredients. They specialize in the production of hemp seed products and vegetable proteins.

Eelloo logo - Eelloo is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Eelloo helps organizations with the transition from HR to RH. With their products, they give everyone control over their own work and future.

Tenwolde Transport & Repair logo - Tenwolde is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Tenwolde Transport & Repair B.V.

Tenwolde specializes in marine equipment and the deployment of technical teams for maritime and transport projects.

Gradyent logo - Gradyent is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Gradyent helps heat companies to measurably reduce their heat losses by optimally controlling the networks. They help to optimally control temperature, pressure and flow using modern machine learning tools. With this, heat losses can be reduced by about 5%.

De Leerweg logo - De Leerweg is a reference of Odoo Experts.

De Leerweg

De Leerweg is an educational institution that offers educational help to students, parents and schools. They provide tutoring, homework support, remedial teaching and training.

De Notenwinkel voor de Horeca logo - De Notenwinkel voor de Horeca is a reference of Odoo Experts.

De Notenwinkel voor de Horeca

The Notenwinkel voor de Horeca is part of the Notenwinkel van Zeist.  They supply fresh nuts, handmade chocolate, subtropical fruits, seeds and kernels to the catering and retail sector. 

Enduro Softslings logo - Enduro is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Enduro Softslings

Enduro Softslings is a developer and manufacturer of heavy-duty softslings that are used worldwide in the on- and offshore industry for all types of heavy lifting activities.

Hakvoort Boomband logo - Hakvoort is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Hakvoort Boomband

Hakvoort Boomband produces various sizes of tree belts and seat belts in its own weaving mill. In addition, they also supply other products for tree care. They sell suspension straps in various sizes for the construction and installation sector.

Vissers Energy Group logo - Vissers is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Vissers Energy Group

Vissers Energy Group is the operator of dozens of petrol stations of different petrol brands.

Budget Marine logo - Budget Marine is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Budget Marine

Budget Marine is the leading retailer and wholesaler of marine pleasure craft in the Caribbean, making it the largest retail entity for the maritime sector in the Caribbean.

Payter logo - Payter is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Payter is a company in the field of Cashless Payments and contactless NFC technology.

De Voogt logo - De Voogt is a reference of Odoo Experts.

De Voogt Systemen

De Voogt makes ring binders, folders and packaging. The products are tailor-made in the customer's house style.

Bioseutica logo - Bioseutica is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Bioseutics is a pharmaceutical group dedicated to the development of products for the healthcare, diagnostic media, food and animal feed industry.

Delta Hijswerktuigen logo - Delta is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Delta Hijswerktuigen

Delta Hijswerktuigen is a specialist in hoisting and lifting equipment. The products are suitable for a variety of industries such as contractors, civil services, marine and military use, shipping, sailing, theaters and cargo transport.

BrightPensioen logo - Bright is a reference of Odoo Experts.


BrightPensioen offers flexible pension accrual for self-employed persons, DGAs and SMEs. Bright Pension does not earn money from the pension assets of the participants, but from annual membership. Participants are co-owners through a participant cooperative. They help determine the price and share in the profit.

Fortes Solutions logo - Fortes is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Fortes Solutions

Fortes Solutions offers a software platform to accelerate strategic changes and to keep a grip on progress, costs and risks. The platform consists of a number of apps for strategy development, project execution and measurement of results.

Mejor-Group logo - Mejor is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Mejor-Group is an Amsterdam-based hospitality purchasing specialist and developer of consumables and consumables for hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world.

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Turner ECS logo - Turner is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Turner ECS

Turner ECS offers control solutions for engines, gas and steam turbines, compressors and pumps installed in the marine, processing, power generation and petrochemical market sectors. Turner ECS has offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

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Live Escape logo - Live Escape is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Live Escape

Live Escape manages multiple escape rooms such as 'The Safe House', 'LAB 13', 'The Boilerroom' and 'Room 1409'. An Escape Room is a space designed and decorated in a theme full of puzzles that must be solved within an hour.

resQtec logo - ResQtec is a reference of Odoo Experts.


resQtec manufactures rescue equipment for firefighters, the military, aircraft recovery and other rescue specialists. ResQtec's areas of expertise are: Heavy Rescue, USAR, Liberation and Aircraft Recovery.

Gadgy logo - Gadgy is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Gadgy is a distributor of gadgets & games and offers products to retailers all over Europe. Gadgy's products range from electronics, lifestyle & cooking to toys.

Dutch Climate Systems logo - DCS is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Dutch Climate Systems

DCS supplies energy-efficient air conditioning systems without F-gases. The DCS systems deliver 80% lower energy consumption compared to regular air conditioning systems. They do this by indirect evaporative cooling.

MyParcel.com logo - MyParcel is a reference of Odoo Experts.


At MyParcel they want every online entrepreneur, large or small, to be able to send mail and packages quickly and easily. Within the Netherlands and abroad. They make the services of major carriers accessible to every online entrepreneur.

Breatec logo - Breatec is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Breatec has experience with grinding, baking and functional ingredients and is a supplier of functional ingredients for the milling and bakery industry such as enzymes, emulsifiers and special inactive yeasts.

Vandaag Engineering logo - Vandaag is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Vandaag Engineering

Today Engineering supplies cctv cameras through its online platform.

RET logo - RET is a reference of Odoo Experts.


RET B.V. offers a total package of advertising such as clothing printing, printing, internet and stickers. Clothing printing is done from a few to hundreds of pieces.

Curblue logo - Curblue is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Curblue offers the cheapest and largest range of white goods on Curacao, with best service and lowest price guarantee!

Quatra logo - Quatra is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Quatra originated as a collector of used frying oil and has grown into a processor of used frying oil. They are now a producer and supplier of fresh frying oil.

Nouvez logo - Nouvez is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Nouvez is an online furniture store where you can design, see and buy your interior. They do this through an assortment of furniture and accessories that can be purchased directly in their furniture store, but also through help in designing the room or house.

Maxicom logo - Maxicom is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Maxicom IT Distribution supplies hardware and network equipment to various sectors and companies all over the world. In addition to offering the latest equipment, they buy and refurbish hardware and network equipment.

Duxwood logo - Duxwood is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Duxwood develops and produces log houses, canopies and wooden structures. Duxwood's goal is to produce and supply durable wooden structures that are easy to assemble yourself without the help of professionals.

Super73 logo - Super73 is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Super73 designs, manufactures and distributes Super73 electric motors.

Super73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand that combines motorcycle heritage and youth culture.

University of Twente logo -  University of Twente is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Universiteit of Twente

At the University of Twente Odoo is used to set up virtual companies. Every year a group of students has to set up a virtual company. They use Odoo for the administrative support of their company.

Futuron logo - Futuron is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Futuron builds and maintains websites and web applications.
Futuron also develops and manages everything that is possible for the internet; consulting and visualizing the media wishes and communication concepts of the customers.

Carerix logo - Carerix is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Carerix provides recruitment and selection / secondment software. With this, companies organize all commercial recruitment and selection activities with one system. They do this by offering four different applications; Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Employment, Secondment and Corporate Recruitment.

Manaw Online Supermarkt logo - Manaw is a reference of Odoo Experts.


With a data-driven approach and an app-only store, Manaw is the new online supermarket in the Netherlands with an international range. Technology, smart planning and a fleet of vehicles lead to less food waste and less food kilometers.

Tezet Business Gifts logo - Tezet is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Tezet Business Gifts

Tezet - The Surprise Company provides surprise packs for all kinds of moments. Tezet develops its own packaging and packages and supplies a diverse range of personnel gifts and company gifts for every season or occasion.

Koster Industrial Textiles logo - Koster is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Koster Industrial Textiles

As a producer of textile lifting and lashing equipment, Koster Industrial Textiles supplies a variety of sizes, types and capacities of lifting straps, lashing straps and round slings from stock. They produce standard versions, but also customer-specific systems.

Start International logo - Star is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Star International

Star International is a wholesaler of high-quality box spring parts such as linear and dual motors, adjustable bed frames, accessories and supplies B2B customers in the mattress and box spring industry.

Saudi Crawford Doors Factory Ltd. logo - Saudi Crawford Doors is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Saudi Crawford Doors Factory Ltd.

Saudi Crawford Doors Factory Ltd. supplies a product portfolio of industrial doors, hangar doors and loading dock equipment. They offer a range of automatic entrances for any building.

Brouwerij Egmond logo - Brouwerij Egmond is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Brouwerij Egmond

Egmond Brewery is the only Benedictine Abbey Beer brewery in the Netherlands. The brewery consists of a 2500 liter brewhouse, ten fermentation and lagering tanks and a bottling installation that fills approximately 3000 bottles per hour. The capacity of the brewery is 350,000 liters per year.

Dockr logo - Dockr is a reference of Odoo Experts.

DOCKR Mobility

DOCKR offers a mobility solution for silted cities. Electric vehicles driving in the Netherlands and in our neighboring countries. This is made possible by flexible monthly subscriptions, which allow the customer to scale up or down and get full service.  

Beban Logo -  - Beban is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Beban produces garage doors for the consumer market. The electrically closing and opening doors are produced in Saudi Arabia. These standard doors can be configured online and are delivered or installed at the consumer's home.

Technosafety logo - Technosafety is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Technosafety ensures safety in the workplace. They supply first aid / emergency response articles, AED, evacuation equipment, absorption material, fire protection and personal protective equipment. They also supply ADR cases for international transport of dangerous goods by road.

F3-Capital logo - F3-Capital is a reference of Odoo Experts.

F3 Capital

F3 invests in profitable Dutch SMEs with sufficient growth potential. In addition to growth capital, they also provide management support in the field of strategy development, optimization of the financial structure and growth through acquisitions.

Bankhoezenspecialist logo - Bankhoezenspecialist is a reference of Odoo Experts.


BankhoezenSpecialist sells covers for the interior. They offer, via their website, covers for sofas and (office) chairs throughout the Benelux.

Autonet logo - Autonet is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Autonet was founded with the aim of automating dismantling companies in the Netherlands. Autonet uses a stock management system for used car parts for this.Dismantling companies can subscribe to 'the Parts Line' and receive a request with a simple push of a button.

Eco Planeta logo - Eco Planeta is a reference of Odoo Experts.

Eco Planeta

Eco Planeta is located in the Dominican Republic. The company offers mobility products and services that contribute to a sustainable and green future. They sell, maintain, repair and rent electric mobility products such as electric golf cars and electric vehicles.

Pharmatool logo - Pharmatool is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Pharmatool designs, develops and produces equipment for pharmacies, pharmacists and drugstores

Technotrading logo - Technotrading is a reference of Odoo Experts.


Technotrading supplies maintenance and safety products to the shipping, construction, automotive and other industries. Technotrading offers a wide range of pneumatic tools, power tools, hoses and couplings, fans, winches and pumps.

TBU logo - TBU is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart

TBU is active in shipping and shipbuilding as an agent in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for brands of seals, monitors and sanitary systems.

It is also a repair and calibration shop for temperature and interface detectors.

Hans Lemmens Golf logo - Hans Lemmens Golf is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Hans Lemmens Golf National Fitting Centre

Hans Lemmens Golf National Fitting Center is a supplier and specialist in the field of golf hardware.

In addition, they provide custom fitting.Golf clubs are custom made. Height, playing frequency, handicap and level of play are taken into account.

Studio M logo - Studio M is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Studio M

Studio M is a Belgian brand specialized in floor covering solutions; from doormats, artificial grass to carpets.

Be Data Driven logo - Be Data Driven is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


BeDataDriven is a software company that helps humanitarian responders spend less time collecting and analyzing data. Their main activity is ActivityInfo, a Software-as-a-Service for flexible information management.

Dutch Ligtning Innovations logo - Dutch Ligtning Innovations is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Dutch Lighting Innovations

Dutch Lighting Innovations develops and produces HPS, CMH and LED grow light systems for the global greenhouse horticulture and hydroponic market.

Kleventa logo - Kleventa is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Kleventa is a technical wholesaler for installation companies in the field of climate control in the agricultural sector, residential construction, industry and utility construction.

CIN-ERGY logo - CIN-ERGY is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


CIN-ergy is an electronics company that focuses exclusively on developing high-end driver electronics and optics for a wide variety of Near-to-Eye applications.

Dutchen logo - Dutchen is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Dutchen offers luxury holiday homes and villas in small-scale holiday parks along the coast, on the Wadden Sea and in nature reserves. Dutchen started in 2010 and is still in full development.

Zomerdijk Engineering logo - Zomerdijk Engineering is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Zomerdijk Engineering

Zomerdijk Engineering is an engineering firm that designs and builds machines for craft breweries. The semi-automatic depalletizer, twist coil machine and outfeed buffer table aim to improve productivity at low cost.

Orphi Farma logo - Orphi Farma is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Orphi Farma

Orphi Farma is a total supplier of raw materials, solvents and end products for wholesalers, pharmaceuticals and industry. They develop, package and deliver total solutions to clients within the BeNeLux.

Solum Technology logo - Solum Technology is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Solum Technology

Solum Technology levert transportrollen, trogframes, trommels en apparatuur in en rondom transportsystemen. Deze zijn vooral, maar niet alleen, gericht op de zware bulk- en overslagindustrie. Hierbij werkt ze samen met Chinese producenten die high-end producten leveren.

Agrohof logo - Agrohof is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Agrohof Kft

AgroHof is een machinebedrijf dat gevestigd is in Hongarije. Zij houden zich bezig met de verkoop van landbouwmachines, gereedschappen, onderdelen en fokken daarnaast inheemse dieren.

Schaay logo - Schaay is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Schaay-AV verzorgt audiovisuele producties, eventproducties, droge verhuur, vaste AV-installaties en mediaproducties. Zij realiseren  complexe audiovisuele configuraties bij MKB, MKB+, educatie, zorg-instellingen, hogescholen, universiteiten en ziekenhuizen.

Zonmaat logo - Zonmaat is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Zonmaat is een zonnepanelen-installateur voor woningcorporaties. Zij plaatsen zonnepanelen op sociale huurwoningen door het gehele land. Zij doen dit in een samenwerking tussen gemeenten, woningcorporaties en huurdersorganisaties op lokaal niveau.

BSB Hoorn logo - BSB Hoorn is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

BSB Hoorn

BSB verzorgt technische inspecties voor hijs- hef- en arbeidsmiddelen.
Zij realiseren kostenbewuste, flexibele en efficiënte werkwijzen op de werkvloer.

Norad Verwarming logo - Norad Verwarming is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Norad is een technische groothandel, gespecialiseerd in centrale verwarming inclusief alle aanverwante benodigdheden en appendages (o.a. Cv-ketels, (design)radiatoren, vloerverwarming, duurzame energie, luchtverwarming, appendages en ketelonderdelen).

PRO STEEL logo - PRO STEEL is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Pro Steel

Pro Steel is fabrikant en distributeur van staal-, glas- en houtproducten voor woningen en bedrijven.
Naast producten die een ruimte indelen, maken zij glazen en stalen deuren, scheidingswanden, scheidingen en balustrades.

WakeUp logo - WakeUp is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Wake Up International

Wake Up International B.V. houdt zich bezig met het importeren van non-food artikelen vanuit Azië voor diverse opdrachtgevers in Europa. Tot hun dienstverlening behoort concepting, prototyping, uitgebreide leveranciersselectie/kwaliteits-controles en fulfilment.

Ducate Group logo - Ducate Group is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Ducate Woerden

Ducate Woerden bouwt professionele frituurinstallaties voor onder andere frites, snacks en vis.  In drie productiestraten worden de merken De Kuiper, Florigo en Hegro gebouwd. 

Emporte Wellness logo - Emporte Wellness is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Emporte Wellness

Emporte Wellness bouwt sauna's, infraroodcabines en andere wellnessproducten voor de particuliere markt. Daarnaast bieden zij  onderdelen en materialen die nodigt zijn voor het zelf bouwen van wellnessproducten.

Nitea logo - Nitea is een referentie van Odoo Experts.


Nitea is een leverancier van software oplossingen. Zij ontwikkelen software voor telers en verpakorganisaties in de (glas)tuinbouw- en AGF-sector. De oplossingen zorgen voor grip op en inzicht in arbeids- en productieprestaties: van de efficiënte inzet van arbeidskrachten tot aan het managen van arbeidsuren, productiviteit en kosten.

Power Battery logo - Power Battery is een referentie van Odoo Experts.

Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage Solutions (Power Battery) ontwikkelt, test en produceert high power battery packs. Zij ontwerpen en implementeren deze modules voor markten zoals hoogwaardige E-racing, mobiliteit, maritiem en professioneel elektrisch gereedschap.