Explore the new restaurant functionalities in Odoo 17

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and Odoo is not lagging. With the launch of Odoo 17 comes numerous innovations that will redefine how restaurants operate. Let's take a look at the new possibilities that Odoo 17 has to offer for your restaurant.

Seamless orders and preparation

A significant update is the addition of self-service. This module allows customers to place orders themselves, which are directly forwarded to the preparation view for the kitchen. It is important that the table number that the customer enters is sent to the backend and becomes visible in the preparation view. This way, you keep an overview of all current orders and their status, directly from the kitchen.

POS Kitchen screen

Track your Order with tracking numbers

Odoo 17 introduces a feature that generates tracking numbers for every order. Customers can use these numbers on the 'customer screen' so that they know exactly when their order is ready for consumption. This transparency increases customer satisfaction and optimizes the customer experience.

POS Customer Screen

Flexibility in software choice

The great thing about Odoo 17 is that you are not tied to a full package if you don't need it. Users can now install the restaurant cash register without the standard store cash register if the extra features are not needed. For restaurants looking to get the most out of their POS system, the restaurant cash register is now a standalone app along with a kitchen screen.

Online table reservations directly in the POS

Another exciting addition is the ability for customers to reserve a table online. This booking will then appear in the POS. New tables created in the POS automatically generate a resource in the appointments' app, allowing customers to reserve them immediately.

Real-time updates with Web sockets

With the integration of web sockets in Odoo 17, you receive new bookings directly in the POS, where they are immediately visible on the tables. This means that you are always up-to-date with the most current reservations.

Sell combo products

Increase your sales and offer special deals with the new combo product functionality. You can now group products together and sell them as a combo, which is perfect for creating a burger menu with drinks and dessert, for example. For products that are pricier within a combo, you can set a specific 'combo price'.

Odoo POS Comboproducts

New payment options and QR codes

With Odoo 17, customers can now complete payment for their order using a QR code or a 5-digit code on their ticket. They can fill in various fields and later generate an invoice, which ensures smooth processing after the meal.

A menu for each part of the meal

Restaurants can now split their menus into different categories such as drinks, main courses and desserts. This makes it easier for customers to create their perfect meal.

The new updates in Odoo 17 will undoubtedly simplify and enrich the way you manage your restaurant. With these advanced features, Odoo 17 provides the tools you need to take your restaurant experience to the next level. It's time to welcome your guests to the digital age of hospitality with Odoo by your side.

Explore the new restaurant functionalities in Odoo 17
Erwin van der Ploeg November 7, 2023
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