How a visitor registration system can transform the guest experience

In the age we live in, managing corporate visitors has evolved into more than just a handshake and a smile at the reception desk. Organizations around the world are switching to advanced systems that not only provide a warm welcome, but also increase the safety and efficiency of both visitors and employees. Let's dive into how a Visitor Management System (VMS) with the latest technology from Odoo can do this for your organization.

Behind the scenes: The Heart of your Reception

At the center of it all is Odoo's 'Frondesk' module, a powerhouse when it comes to managing visitor stations. This tool allows administrators to easily enter crucial information such as the name of the station, who is responsible for it, and even a description that visitors will see. Each station has a unique remote access URL, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for visitors.

But it's not just about registering; it is also the art of welcoming. The ability to select a host, choose a drink during registration or even self-check-in with a QR code are just some of the thoughtful touches that set Odoo's VMS apart.

Odoo Frontdesk configuration

The face of your company: The Check-In experience

At the front end, the reception or manager can check in guests effortlessly, whereby the visitor's experience is enhanced by, among other things, a choice of welcome drinks. This small gesture can have a big impact on how welcome and appreciated your guest feels.

For those visitors who are focused on speed and convenience, the QR code check-in makes a world of difference. No more lines or hassle with paperwork; a quick scan and they're good to go. And for those registered in advance, the 'Quick Sign-In' feature allows entry with almost military precision, 45 minutes before or after the scheduled time.

Odoo Frontdesk Sign in

Vision for the Future

In a world where first impressions are more important than ever, a digital Visitor Management System provides an indispensable tool for any business looking to refine its guest experience. Odoo 17 takes great steps in this regard with features that not only streamline daily operations, but also take visitor safety and satisfaction to the next level.

Whether it's a quick check-in via QR code or offering personalized attention upon arrival, Odoo's VMS promises to create a smart, safe and welcoming environment that will live long in the memory of your visitors. And that, at its core, is what an excellent guest experience is all about.

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How a visitor registration system can transform the guest experience
Erwin van der Ploeg November 7, 2023
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