Odoo Documenten (DMS)

Digitize, manage and share your documents with colleagues and relations.

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Odoo Documents App Icon With Odoo Document Management System you have full control over your document flow, from colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Odoo DMS ensures that documents are stored in a central place. This can be shared with users based on user rights of departments or persons. Documents can be easily attached to messages sent via Odoo.

Odoo Documenten Hoofdscherm

Document management

Streamline the document flow

Take advantage of the fully integrated approval, review and validation processes with activities, chatter and action rules to ensure everything is done by the right person at the right time.

E-mail gateway

Via the e-mail gateway, invoices are automatically created from a scanned document or directly from the supplier's e-mail.

Collaborate with your team, customers and suppliers

Link documents to colleagues, customers or suppliers. Share files and public folders with your customers and let them import documents directly.

Make use of e-sign

Don't waste time printing and scanning documents that someone needs to sign, just assign them to the right person, get them signed and return them instantly.

Process documents in batch

Work in batch by requesting approval, changing folders, labeling and assigning multiple files at once instead of one at a time.

All your documents centrally available

The Odoo Documents App allows the user to upload, request or add a URL link to documents that can be shared with colleagues or external contacts.

Within the Odoo DMS App, documents are sorted into folders that can be assigned to departments or people. The folders can also be labeled with selectable labels to simplify filtering for files in a folder. Via the settings menu the folder structure can be adjusted, the labels and the shared links can be managed.

Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


Odoo Boekhouding App Icon

Receive your supplier invoices digitally via the mail gateway. Ask for approval and let Odoo create the invoice. 


Odoo E-Sign App Icon

Share documents for signature. Odoo's DMS software supports digital identification of documents.


Odoo Werknemers App Icon

Employment contracts and other HR documents can be digitally signed and stored centrally. 


Odoo Projecten App Icon

Share all your project information easily by linking your documents in Odoo's DMS software.