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Odoo Projects App Icon With the Project Management App from Odoo you manage your projects according to the Agile method. With the drag and drop functionality you can easily adjust the phase of a task and you can set who is informed and at which phase.

This allows you to keep track of the workload and the progress of projects. You can easily set deadlines and check your teams' schedules. Project progress is managed within the Kanban board and this prevents missing deadlines.

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Agile projectmanagement

Project performance and employee availability

Schedule your team on projects while taking vacations from your employees into account. Plan ahead with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with real timesheets for an increase in profitability.

Flexible project management has never been easier.

Simplify your processes and improve collaboration between employees. Break your project into bite-sized tasks and assign them to the team for enhanced collaboration.

Create custom phases for each project to simplify workflow and improve overall project efficiency.

Record all communication with the project tasks

The Odoo chatter is your friend
Attach short notes or files to a task and stay connected with your team. You no longer have to attend endless meetings to stay on top of your projects. Communicate via the Odoo chatter, or use the live chat — all within the same interface!!

Work time and documents integration

Accurately keep track of the time worked

With the integration of the timesheets, time spent by employees can be written directly on tasks within a project. This allows time spent on a project to be easily invoiced to the customer.

Share your documents

Via the chatter functionality you can easily share documents and discuss them directly with colleagues or customers. The

Project Management App simplifies your processes and improves collaboration between employees. The adapted phases for each project simplify the overview and improve overall project efficiency.

Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


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